Oreville Campground

The Oreville Campground has 26 camp sites and drinking water is available. The campground is located adjacent to U.S. Highway 385, on the east side of the highway, between Custer and Hill City. The Mickelson trail is nearby.

Cook Lake Recreation Area

The Cook Lake Recreation Area has 32 camp sites and 33 picnic sites.  The lake is stocked with trout, catfish, and sunfish, and there is a wheelchair accessible pier.  There is carry-down access to the lake for small watercraft. Approximately four miles of hiking and bicycling trails are available at the recreation area.

The State of Wyoming allows open fires only if they are contained and not left unattended. Be sure that your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. Check with the local Forest Service Office for fire restrictions.

A hike to Warren Peak Lookout Tower makes a scenic day trip for visitors to the Cook Lake Recreation Area.

Day Hiking

The Cook Lake Trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop trail with some stairs and a stepping-stone crossing of Beaver Creek.  The trail circles the lake, and there are many opportunities to see various types of ducks and geese along with osprey, blue heron, and bald eagles.  In the water along the shore, very large fish called white amur are often seen.  These hybrid fish are distant relatives of carp and were introduced into the lake about 15 years ago to help control aquatic vegetation. Difficulty Rating: Easy.

The Cliff Swallow Trail is a 3.7 mile loop trail.  Cliff swallows nest in the limestone bluffs above Beaver Creek.  Look for gourd-shaped mud nests in the rock out-croppings below the ridge.  Other wildlife commonly seen along the trail include white-tailed deer, elk, and turkey. Along Beaver Creek, watch for blue herons, beaver, and water dippers. High above, turkey vultures are often seen riding the thermal drafts. Difficulty Rating: Moderate.

These trails are maintained for hiking and bicycling. They are not designed or maintained for horse use. No motorized travel is allowed.

Rod and Gun Campground

Rod and Gun CampgroundThe Rod and Gun Campground has seven camp sites. Restroom facilities are available. One of the “Dances with Wolves” film sites is nearby. The campground is located adjacent to Little Spearfish Creek.

Whitetail Campground

The Whitetail Campground is located on an open slope above Deerfield Reservoir. There are seventeen camp sites located on two loops.

Dutchman Campground

Quiet, scattered Ponderosa Pine, short hike to Deerfield Reservoir, boat launch near

Deerfield Reservoir Complex

Deerfield Reservoir is located 20 miles west of Hill City, SD. The Bureau of Reclamation manages the dam and water. Castle Creek flows into and out of the reservoir and provides additional fishing opportunities. Ice fishing, snowmobiling and ice skating are popular winter sports here. The complex has three campgrounds, two boat launches, two picnic areas and the Deerfield Lake Loop Trail (Trail #40L). Travel on the reservoir is limited to five miles per hour and there is a no-wake restriction which provides for peaceful fishing and boating experiences.

Deerfield Lake Loop Trail #40L.  This trail offers 10 miles of challenging riding around Deerfield Lake. From Reynolds Prairie you’ll have great views of the lake.  To the south, the trail winds through areas of tall pines and small meadows. This trail can be accessed from four trailheads: Custer Trail Trailhead, North Shore Trailhead, Hill Top Trailhead and the Gold Run Trailhead.  Difficulty: Easy.

Deerfield Trail #40.The Deerfield Trail is 18 miles in length, and connects Deerfield Lake with Rapid Creek and Pactola Reservoir.  In addition to great scenery and abundant wildlife, you will  pass by a variety of historic sites including a log flume, cabins, mines, tunnels and railroad grades.  There is no drinking water along the trail, so it is best to carry water with you. Difficulty Rating: Easy to Moderate.