One of the best things you can do when planning your camping trip is get a good map. As I quickly found all maps of the Black Hills are not created equal. Here is the four best of the maps that I could find. Please read on to find the best of the maps of the area the final two on the list are topographic and MUCH more detailed than the others on the list.

List of the Top Four Black Hills Maps

4. First there is the Super Basic Map that I use for Campslasher from the Forest Service. That one is Here on the right. The Problem with it is that it doesn’t really show anything but the major roads and citys.


3. The next map that is a little better is the map from 2012 Black Hills Badlands Tourism Map It has more detail and shows a few of the high clearance roads as well. The only problem is when you are out driving or riding around the Black Hills you will see ALOT of roads that aren’t on the map. Also it doesn’t have any of the Trails.

2. National Forest Service Black Hills Map Number Two is the map that is made by the national forest service. It is a pretty good map. I used this map for awhile but it hasn’t been updated since 1989. Most of the information is good but for the same price you can get the best map.




1. Black Hills National Forest Map Pack: Topographic Trail Maps
Number one on my list is the National Geographic Black Hills Trails Map.
This one is awesome. It gets updated every couple of years and it has great detail. It is everything the official national forest map is and more. It is printed on waterproof paper and has every numbered trails and it clearly show elevation and walking trails.


Here is a campground map I put together too.